New St. Vitus Social Dance Club forms on campus


The new St. Vitus Social Dance Club will be open to all students to learn a variety of dances, said the club’s president.

According to the St. Vitus Social Dance Club constitution, “The purpose of St. Vitus Social Dance Club is to encourage students to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ under the guidance of the Holy Family and Saint Vitus, patron saint of dance, in the form of dancing. The dancing will include but not be limited to; waltz, and other ballroom dances, swing, line, and folk (sic).”

“There isn’t really a club (like this) on campus,” said Rachel Whitman, junior journalist major and president of club. “There is the Fiat household swing dancing … but I kind of wanted an actual club with rules and structure.”

She continued, “We have four officers who can help with the dancing … and we do have other people who help out, who are very experienced in different areas, mostly in swing, but they will come out and help instruct, and I’m hoping that our adviser will help us find some people.”

The adviser for the club is Dr. David Burton, associate professor of computer science and mathematics.

We knew Burton liked swing dancing so we asked him to be our adviser, said Whitman.

The club is hoping to meet twice a week, with 2-hour long sessions, the first hour being instructions, the second being free time to dance. The club is hoping to meet on Friday nights and Sunday nights.

Since so many people are only able to come late Sunday nights, the club is hoping to have a later session after Fiat’s swing dance, said Whitman.

“I want to be able to reach out to a lot of people,” said Whitman, “so I want to have different options … and that will help draw people into the other session.”

The club is opened to all students and faculty who are interested in learning to dance. The first session should take place Friday, Nov. 20.

Editor’s note: one of the indirect quotes was corrected after the print publication was distributed. The quote now correctly reads: “We knew Dr. Burton liked swing dancing so we asked him to be our adviser, said Whitman.”

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