News Briefs

Stanley Colaço
Staff Writer


Congressional report says quarter of American infrastructure at risk of flooding

The United States Congress released a report that said one in four pieces of critical American infrastructure are at risk for flooding. The report comes in response to recent hurricanes and floods caused by tropical storms that stopped major roadways and transportation systems, from the Gulf Coast all the way to New England. The report analyzes the lower 48 states as well as the District of Columbia and shows the most concern for North Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and California, where faulty infrastructure is as much as 90% of the current system. In addition to transportation, the report also included public safety, government buildings and other critical infrastructure.

Federal appeals court allows Texas to continue use of “Heartbeat Bill”

After a temporary halt by US district judge Robert Pitman, the United States federal appeals court has moved to resume enforcement of the “Heartbeat Bill.” Currently, the 5th United States Court of Appeals is making their ultimate decision on the bill. If the ruling stands, pro-abortion politicians and groups expect the Supreme Court to take the case, filing a final ruling. Last month, the same court ruled in favor of the law’s constitutionality with a final vote of 5-4. The bill is expected to restrict abortions from the moment of detectable fetal activity, usually around 6 weeks, which would eliminate about 85% of all abortions in Texas.

National Faith & Blue Weekend attempts to bridge gap between officers, communities

From Oct. 8-11, law enforcement officers and church leaders all around the country observed the National Faith & Blue Weekend. Around the nation, these departments held prayer services, talks and community outreach. The United States Department of Justice took a leading role in the event, which, according to their website, aims to “facilitate safer, stronger, more just and unified communities.”


North Korea begins plan to fix lives of citizens, improve economy

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un addressed a “grim situation” at an event honoring the history of the East Asian nation. Kim acknowledged various issues being tackled by his government and the people of North Korea including the economy, health responses and mismanagement. The North Korean administration has refused to engage with the Biden administration due to disagreements on the existence of preconditions. Kim doesn’t seem open to changing any of his country’s policy, citing in his speech the unity and efficiency of the one-party system. Kim also announced a five-year plan which is aimed to begin addressing these issues and pushing the nation in the right direction.

Pope Francis launches two-year consultation initiative

On Sunday, Pope Francis announced the beginning of a worldwide two-year consultation initiative. The initiative, titled “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission,” aims to change the current communication system in Rome, ideally allowing for more accessibility for the faithful. The synod will begin with local Catholics meeting in their parishes and discussing how the Church listens to women, youth and other minorities. The groups at this stage will also identify stereotypes and stigma within their own localities. These reports will be compiled by the bishops, and then on the national and finally continental levels, before the bishops will meet in the Vatican for one month in 2023.

American officials meet with Taliban representatives

After meeting with Taliban representatives, United States officials have announced plans to send humanitarian aid to the Afghani people. While they will be giving food, medical care and other resources to the people of Afghanistan, the Taliban will not receive any real recognition from American politicians or diplomats. Despite concerns about security and terrorism, the United States State Department spokesman Ned Price claims that the Taliban will even help with the evacuation of American citizens.