News Briefs

Stanley Colaço
Staff Writer


California trucker convoy of hundreds reaches capital

After crossing the width of the country, the American offshoot of the Canadian trucker convoy reached Washington, D.C. the weekend of March 5. While the size of the convoy and its own regionalized offshoots is uncertain, it is believed to be at least a few hundred, which is more than enough to slow down traffic on beltways surrounding D.C. for weeks to come. The purpose of the convoy, according to its organizers, is to stand against COVID-19 restrictions across the nation and across all levels of government. In Canada, the original convoy began to fall apart after the Canadian government ordered the killings of truckers’ dogs, arrests and citations for those involved in the peaceful protest.

Iowa tornados kill at least seven, injure more in Des Moines area

A tornado that touched ground in Winterset, Iowa, killed six people and injured four Saturday, March 5. It was recorded to be the worst tornado in Iowa since 2008. The tornado, which touched ground for more than 15 miles, was one of several across the Des Moines area March 5. Another tornado in Lucas County killed one person and injured multiple others. Two of the tornadoes reached winds above 130 mph, while most stayed below that range. The county is still assessing damage from the busy day for emergency services.

Scientists advise Americans to ‘learn to live with’ bright, parachuting invasive spiders

Almost a decade after being inadvertently introduced to the United States, scientists have tested the ability of the rapidly spreading Japanese arachnid, the Joro, to withstand the cold. The studies proved that the Joro spider can reach regions as far north as Maine and Canada. Compared to the other spiders in their orb weaver family, Joros are unique in their ability to deal with the cold, and they use their webs as parachutes to travel by wind. The spiders are colored across their black exteriors with bright yellow stripes and a spot of red. Their 4-inch size would make them the largest spider in New England. However, scientists say they are far less of a threat to humans than the brown recluse or black widow.


Ukraine requests UN courts look into conflict with Russia

Ukrainian officials have announced a formal inquiry to the United Nations to look into genocide claims made by Russia. The trial will happen in the Hague, the United Nations’ largest court. The specific claims revolve around Russia’s attempt to justify their recent invasion. Russian authorities have pinned the reasoning of their invasion on the perceived “bullying and genocide” of the Ukrainian government against their own citizens. Ukraine’s lawsuit says the Russian claims are untrue and made up by the Russians to excuse their actions. Russia is expected to release a response or a countersuit in the following days.

US officials fly to Venezuela to mend relationship, distance Russian control

After decades of the United States distancing themselves from former oil giant Venezuela in trading, international relations and governmental partnerships between the North and South American nations, the United States has extended its hand to Venezuela in an attempt to mend the relationship. Some believe that the purpose of this move is for U.S. officials to convince Venezuelans to cut off their longest and most fruitful ally, Russia. Since the U.S. first cut off Venezuela, Russia has often stepped in to strengthen its work within Venezuelan borders. Most notably, Russia facilitated trade, interior expansion and provided aid when needed. Now, in the wake of war in Ukraine, the U.S. could be trying to retake Russia’s place.

Taiwan’s defense committee pleads with Australia, America to declare preemptive war on China

After watching the Russian invasion continue in Eastern Europe, Taiwanese officials have signaled their own fears against invasion and terror. Despite Russia receiving threats and economic punishments from most Western nations, their invasion into a neighboring country continues, raising concerns for Taiwan, a tiny Asian nation bordering China. Taiwanese officials have asked for Australia and the U.S. to threaten China with war if any invasion occurs.