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UN envoy warns of massacre

Staffan de Mistura, the new United Nations envoy to Syria, warned Friday of a potential “massacre” of 500 people who are threatened by the Islamic State in Kobani, a Syrian Kurdish border town. ISIS has gained nearly complete control of “Kurdish security quarters,” and according to a U.N. analysis, there is only a small area in Kobani left where the people can flee. De Mistura said that thousands also remain stranded in a different area near Kobani.

He also reminded the world of past genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia during the 1990s, and he said, “When there is an imminent threat to civilians, we cannot, we should not be silent.” For the full story, including responses to this crisis, click here.

Ebola precautions implemented

According to a CNN article, published Thursday, new efforts are being implemented around the world to combat Ebola’s spread, including in the U.S., where Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, passed away Wednesday from the disease.

Liberia, one of the most affected countries, has postponed senatorial elections due to Ebola concerns. U.S. military were deployed to the western African nation earlier this week to assist in the efforts against the disease, and more troops are expected to arrive later in October. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia, is hopeful that the situation improves in her country.

“We are a bit more confident (now) that our collective response will turn the curve away from the dire projections,” she said.

The U.K. has increased travel screenings for the disease, as has the United States. There are also Ebola concerns in other nations, such as Spain, Macedonia and Australia.

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Anbar province appeals for help against ISIS

Iraqi leaders in Anbar province appealed Saturday for United States ground troops to stop the progress of the Islamic State. Sabah Al-Karhout, the president of the Anbar Provincial Council, described the condition of Anbar to CNN as “very bad.” He continued by saying that intelligence reports some 10,000 ISIS fighters have been sent to Anbar.

According to CNN, Falleh al-Issawi, the deputy head of the council, said the group had requested that Iraq’s central government would “intervene immediately to save the province from imminent collapse – and … request the deployment of U.S. ground forces there.”

However, the media office of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Anbar province has not officially appealed for U.S. ground troop assistance.

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