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Pressure on Putin at the G-20 summit

Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper told Russian president Vladimir Putin to “get out of Ukraine” at the G-20 summit Saturday in Australia.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine was set to be the topic of more discussions at the summit prior to a European Union decision regarding whether or not to implement further sanctions against Russia, reports Fox News.

President Obama voiced the United States’ opposition to Russia’s actions. He also described Russia’s belligerence toward Ukraine as “a threat to the world.”

You can read more about the G-20 summit and world leaders’ comments regarding Russia in this article in Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Protests escalate in Mexico over 43 missing students

Mexican protesters, outraged over the disappearance and reported murder of 43 students, are setting fire to government offices, other buildings and cars.

These demonstrations began not long after the students initially went missing in September but have since expanded throughout the country. The protests are led by “normalistas,” students attending a teacher’s, or “normal,” college. According to Fox News Latino, they are “promising to torch 43 more government buildings—one for each missing student.”

The attorney general of Mexico has said the 43 missing students’ remains were discovered burned in a dump and have subsequently been transported to Austria for DNA analysis.

U.N. report tells of ISIS atrocities committed against Syrians

“Rule of Terror: Living under ISIS in Syria,” the new United Nations report released Friday, states that, among other atrocities, ISIS is beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrians.

The report, which was written by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, includes information gleaned from 300 interviews with men, women and children. These people have lived or are currently living in locations under ISIS control.

Fox News reports that the commission’s recommendation is “cutting off the supply of weapons that ISIS receives, giving psychosocial support to children associated with armed groups and providing specialized medical services to support victims of sexual violence.”

Russia ramps up military presence worldwide, has bomber patrols over the Gulf of Mexico

A United States military official said Saturday that Russia’s regular patrol missions of long-range bombers over the Gulf of Mexico is something that did not occur even during the Cold War.

Fox News reports, “Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, declined to call this a Russian provocation” on Wednesday.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said patrols would happen in other places throughout the world as well.

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