Open mic night highlights talent, entertains students


Thundering applause followed every performance at the Brotherhood of St. Francis coffeehouse and open mic night starting at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22 in Sts. Kolbe and Clare Hall.  

Performances included a variety of impressive displays of talent, such as poetic recitations, song covers, comedy acts and improvised jazz scatting, to name a few of the featured acts. Students brought along their musical instruments and captivated attendees with their talents on piano, guitar, ukulele and even kazoo. 

The seats in the lounge were filled throughout the duration of the event, leaving standing room only for the remaining audience members. Attendees kicked back with slices of pizza and cups of coffee to enjoy the talent. The food and refreshments contributed to the liveliness of the event and made the atmosphere more welcoming for onlookers and performers alike.  

To keep the event lighthearted, many of the performers encouraged audience participation with clapping, sing-alongs and joke telling. Not a single performance lacked vibrant applause and support from the audience. 

Members of the Brotherhood of St. Francis household coordinated the event and took turns performing for the audience. Their talents helped encourage audience members to perform their own acts and keep the slate of performers filled. Attendees were grateful for their hospitality and for a chance to hear the hidden gifts and talents of students. 

Junior Anna Gontis, who sang an improvised solo at the event, said, “Getting an opportunity to perform is not something that you always get a chance to do in life, but being able to share what I love with people is lots of fun.” 

Sophomore Matthew George said, “I think this is a great event. We’ve got a lot of variety, a lot of good entertainment, and the food is really good, so I think it’s a great gathering.”