Opinion: Horror films shouldn’t be off-limits for Catholics

By Emma Davis
Staff Writer

During the fall season, many people choose to watch horror movies to get into the Halloween spirit. However, should we, as Catholics, watch them?

Many would argue that Catholics should not watch movies that contain subject matter involving ghosts, violence, gore or demonic possession.

Nevertheless, horror films shouldn’t be off-limits for Catholics.

Some of the earliest horror films include “Dracula,” “Frankenstein,” “Godzilla” and “King Kong.”

The Church has no issue with movies that demonstrate an appreciation for horror as a particular genre of film and literature. These classic films have helped shape the horror movies of today.

The difference is the scary characters of the past have seemed to transition into films about demonic possession, physical violence and psychological terror.

As a Catholic, we must choose which horror films to watch. Instead of viewing all horror films as unacceptable, these films can teach us lessons about our own faith.

We should watch with the belief that a good horror movie highlights evil without glorifying it.

Most horror films involve a supernatural world and an evil that must be overcome by someone who is morally good.

Many films revolve around demonic possession and ghosts. In the Bible, Jesus encounters Satan and demons, which is why these types of films are good reminders that the Devil and his demons are real.

Evil is a part of the world we live in. We see it on social media, in the news or in real life.

Some horror films tend to glorify evil through practices such as Ouija boards, voodooism, psychics and witchcraft. However, as Catholics, we know that these practices are wrong.

Horror films can address both good and evil concepts. People can see the ugliness of committing evil acts in these films.

Some Catholics do believe that horror films open us up to evil and lead us away from our faith.

The reality is that evil is everywhere, and it is not horror films alone that can lead us away from our faith.

Horror films should not glorify evil but rather tell a story of good triumphing over it. With God at the center of our lives, evil can never truly win.

The Catholic stance on horror films is not to prohibit them, but to focus on films that show the truth behind the horror they represent.