Opinion: The University should have stricter admissions requirements

By Charles Jardine
Assistant Editor

The University should have stricter admissions requirements because we cannot claim to have academic excellence without a standard that mirrors that claim. 

The university needs to increase its admissions requirements because although it is not particularly hard to get in to, the university provides a few very rigorous programs. 

Many students come to the school with aspirations of being a psychologist, a nurse, a medical doctor, a biologist, or a chemist. However, many of these programs are more challenging than many students are capable of. 

And to be absolutely clear I don’t believe that these “weed out” classes are bad, but are necessary to determine if a student is willing to put in the work and is dedicated enough to their own academic career to succeed in that major.  

What I do believe is that many students come here with the hope and aspiration of becoming something, or someone but are put into an environment that they are not ready for. 

I believe the university provides many academic resources in order to help students be successful, but even these resources become stretched thin and might not be enough for people who would be successful in a specialized, slower paced or non-traditional program route. 

It is also no secret that the university has been trying to grow itself both in-person and online. However, to many students it feels like the university cares more about the prospective students than its current students. 

This causes many challenges for current students to succeed included increased class size, less frequent resources for academic help and less office hours for professors to provide to students.  

This also has an effect on the professors not being able to engage more personally with their students in class, as well as teaching more classes than they are comfortably able to handle.

This means that if the university continues pushing the envelope of how many kids can we fit in Junipero Serra hall, that many of the students who do struggle academically, might drown in their schoolwork without normal access to academic resources. 

I believe that the university has a few different options in order to regain its academically excellent claim.  

The first option is to raise admissions standards so that less students need academic resources and are able to facilitated with our current resource capability. 

Second, they can halt the growth of the school until our resources are able to meet their need. 

Lastly, they can increase the amount and availability of the different academic resources available to students to help foster and academically excellent environment.