Paint night provides a break from midterms


The Women’s Ministry’s Paint Night brought a breath of fresh air in the week of midterms, held Thursday in the Gallery. Guest artist Rachel Harold helped students and the ministry’s mentors paint a colorful fall landscape simple enough for everyone.

Harold gave clear demonstrations and visited the tables throughout the session to offer individual advice and encouragement. Each student received her own canvas, brushes, and acrylic paint to make her artwork unique.

But this event wasn’t just about the painting. “It’s a good, fun de-stresser,” said Women’s Ministry team member Gina Andronico. “We want to celebrate femininity and God’s creation.”

Photo by Celine Santschi
Photo by Celine Santschi

Franciscan’s Women’s Ministry, which aims to unite and transform women through God’s grace, provided a relaxing environment to take a break from stress and remember the good in the world. And their success was easy to see. The tables were filled, and the students’ chatter and laughter lasted throughout the two hour session.

Mentors, professors and graduates were there to share their wisdom with the women, and they sat among the students to create an atmosphere of open communication. Every member of the ministry was open to talk or pass around the basket of candy from the refreshments table.

Madigan Maere, another team member, knew, thanks to the pre-sale of tickets, how many would attend, but was overjoyed to see the women there. “This is awesome,” she said. “I’m happy to have them all here. It’s great, too, to have such a wide range of ages, including the mentors, so we’re not all talking about the same things.”

Students enjoyed the benefits of fall treats, including apple cider and candy corn, as well as the traditional desserts of cookies and brownies and a tray of veggies. The hardworking team members put hard work into creating a cozy event; they set the lighting low and played calm acoustic music. Mason jars, decorated with leaves and twine, were on every table.

Senior Ana Gomez-Taylor was among those who enjoyed the art and refreshments. “Even with no artistic experience, it was easy. I didn’t expect to have this much instruction,” she said.

After the event, students took pictures with their paintings, as well as a group photo with Harold. Even when the session ended, students stayed behind to finish their paintings and talk with their fellow artists.