Pater Noster household keeps it classy at casino night fundraiser

Jen Hantz

Staff Writer

Despite being broke college kids, students trailed into the tent outside of the lower JC Williams center at 7 p.m. for Pater Noster’s Casino Night on Friday.

The Pater Noster brothers dressed up like dealers in classy suits and ties sporting their black and red household colors to match the roulette board. Jazzy, swinging saxophone music set the atmosphere as multicolored chips sprinkled the tables, red dice hit the boards and dealers folded and shuffled cards.

Students wore casual or joined the dressy occasion in suits, dresses and pearls. Murmurs of chit chat hovered over the tables with jabs of excitement when a student won or lost a game. Soft drinks were served to refresh participants.

Students paid $5 for $75 worth in chips and had the option to play Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Poker Dice, Roulette and other variations of poker.

“I’ve never played roulette before, but I’m really enjoying it,” said freshman Harrison Fisher. “It’s actually not too hard. My favorite is Texas Holdem.”

Each participant was only allowed to buy in twice and whoever won the most money in chips at the end of the night won a prize.

Sophomore Ben Hooper won big with $600 worth in chips.

“It was rough at the very beginning,” said Hooper. “(I) lost all $5 – lost all my chips in the very beginning but then … with the additional five I was able to get back in. I somehow clawed my way back and just started climbing.”

Pater Noster started the fundraiser five years ago with the previous generation of brothers, who enjoyed playing poker games. Some of the card decks are from an actual casino, said senior Thomas Sohler, coordinator of Pater Noster.

Though the night was brisk, laughter filled the tent and students left with smiles on their faces.

Freshman Jack Margiotta said he enjoyed the social aspect of the event.

“It was really fun! I liked just seeing a bunch of people sitting at a table with decks and seeing the dealer just deal with a straight face,” he said. “That’s the type of stuff that just feels fun to do. This was a great idea! I hope they can do more of these!”

All the funds went to household needs.