Patron’s Fest Coffeehouse honors saint with diverse performances


Photo by: Lily Fitzgibbons

Starting at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19, the J.C. Williams Center was filled with music during the Residence Life Patron’s Fest Coffeehouse held in honor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

The coffeehouse, hosted by James Roman, Resident Director of Sts. Louis and Elizabeth Halls, featured eight performers in total, ranging from rock bands to reciters of poetry.

Roman hosted the coffeehouse to celebrate the feast day of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, one of the patrons of his residence hall. St. Elizabeth of Hungary is also the patron saint of the TORs. “Also, I tried to play off of the idea of patronage,” said Roman, “like patronizing the arts, so just like having that idea together with the patroness of the TORs.”

Roman said he got Sts. Louis and Elizabeth Halls to sponsor the event, but the reason for the coffeehouse was to give an outlet to any artists on campus. “I just wanted to have a platform for anybody that wanted to be able to perform their arts and express that tonight,” said Roman.

“Some of our people (who performed) are already releasing their own music,” said Roman excitedly.

The first two acts consisted of bands who got the night started with familiar songs encouraging the crowd to sing along. The rest of the night involved acoustic acts and poetry. Closing out the night was senior Jenna Keubler, who peacefully closed the event with some original pieces played on both guitar and ukulele.

Sophomore Lily Fitzgibbons, who attended the event, said, “Coffeehouses are great, especially during this time … music is such a great way to just relax and hang out with friends and just take a nice study break, you know. It’s very relaxing and the perfect time for an event like this.”

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