People in pajamas party in public at Pajama Rama


Many pajama-clad students braced the snowy cold Friday night to unwind with friends and fun activities at Pajama Rama in the J.C. Williams Center.  

The J.C. was transformed into a pajama party that pleasantly wrapped up the school week with something for everyone there. Students came decked out in their silliest pajamas or in their daytime clothing and were met with music, food and games galore.

Photo by: Ben Miller

Streamers hung from railing to railing above the inflatable jousting arena that occupied the center of the J.C.’s ground floor. To the side, pairs of students donned inflatable fat suits and sumo wrestled to victory. 

Between the snow and the relaxed air of the evening, students’ spirits were high, and multiple men did spontaneous front and back flips throughout the event.  

Freshman Sofia Montes, who noticed one student flipping on the jousting arena, said, “This is what happens when you have boys, loud music, bouncy stuff and lots of girls to impress.”  

Besides the inflatables, Pajama Rama had even more activities to offer. On the upper level of the J.C., students could get their pick of different popcorn flavors and goof off with friends and props in front of the photo booth. Downstairs in the Gentile Gallery, the annual Twister competition drew a crowd, with many lingering afterward just for fun.  

In the background of it all, throwback music was played all evening, with childhood “classics” such as songs from the Disney show “Phineas and Ferb” and the Disney movie “High School Musical.”

Students could also enjoy breakfast sandwiches and milk, both of which were free. 

“The breakfast sandwiches were amazing!” said sophomore Camara Bey. “And I love that they have a wide variety of drinks.” 

Pajama Rama was hosted by Exc!te, and the event ran from 8 to 11 p.m.