Political science department sponsors talk on suicide


Photo by Sabrina Ariss

On Sept. 25, a critically acclaimed author addressed an eager crowd concerning the issue of physician assisted suicide.

Rita Marker holds a degree in jurisprudence and is the executive director of the Patients Rights Council, an organization determined to stop the spread of this new “trend.”

Marker equipped those in the room with arguments against the act of assisted suicide, and she informed them on how to be more present in the issue. When arguing against physician assisted suicide, Marker advised to never bring up religious arguments because they will be shot down.

Moreover, in an attempt to snap the room back into reality, she said that if suicide were a crime, then the one who committed suicide would be punished; therefore, those who want to die ask for assistance over a failed attempt.

Marker began her discussion with the fact that physician assisted suicide is legal in California, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. She then began a scenario that left the entire classroom speechless. She told the students to imagine being in a local pharmacy and overhearing the person at the front of the line saying, “I have just been so sad lately. I would like to kill myself.”

Because it is legal for citizens of the United States to kill themselves after completing a few simple steps, she told us to imagine the reactions of the other customers as the pharmacist hands over the pills and says, “Just take this with some food and a little whiskey, then you will be good to go.”

Marker explained further that all a patient had to do to qualify was to give an oral request, wait 15 days, give a second oral request, write their request down, wait two days and pick up the pills. It was then she told the students within the room the worst part about this experience. There have been stories about suicide parties where the person who is going to take the pills is the center of attention, and there is cake, food, balloons and sweets to celebrate the momentous occasion.

“Rita Marker’s talk brought to light many issues that no one wants to talk about,” said junior political science and philosophy major Zelie McLain.“It is not going to be long before physician assisted suicide is legal in every state, and people need to be aware of the grave evil it presents, both to society and to God.”

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