Professor explains Disposing Ourselves to Hear the Voice of God

By Grace Simcox
Staff Writer 

School of prayer concluded their Lenten talk series, on hearing the voice of God, with a talk from a prominent biblical Scholar on Mar. 20 at 9 p.m. in the Christ the King Chapel.  

John Bergsma, a professor of theology and biblical scholar, begun his talk by advising that each of us take up a practice that he adopted from St. Josemaría Escrivá, namely, daily reading from the New Testament.  

“I am not here to share insights into particular methods for this reading, but to illuminate a lifestyle or attitude towards the reading that disposes oneself to hearing the voice of God,” said Bergsma.  

In the wake of St. Joseph’s feast day, Bergsma pointed to Our Blessed Mother’s most chaste spouse as the just model to living with openness to God’s communication and reception of His revelation. “St. Teresa of Avila, the ‘big flower’, was no lightweight herself, yet she said, ‘If you really want to learn to pray, go to St. Joseph’,” Bergsma added.  

“Learn to be docile to God’s leading. Live according to God’s law unlocks our ears to God’s voice. Sin is noisy. The noetic effect of sin on our mind makes us stoopid, with two o’s,” he continued.  

Shedding light on the fact that St. Joseph was a righteous man and did not want Mary to be publicly shamed and stoned, “his righteousness overflowed to charity towards Mary” Bergsma added.  

“Live a lifestyle of mercy and charity towards others. Do not be dominated by your passions as St. Joseph was chaste in all aspects of life,” He concluded.