Professor proclaims need for 21st century feminism

Genevieve Stefanick
Staff Writer

There should be a revival of true feminism as it is understood through the person of Mary and in creation, a professor of theology said at a talk that spoke against modern feminism Oct. 7 in the International Lounge.

Deborah Savage, a visiting professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, has taught several courses and given several talks on the roles of man and woman according to the Church.

To begin her talk, Savage asked the question, “Do we still need feminism?”

When we think of feminism, typically we get an image of an angry, screaming woman, trying desperately to make herself heard and seen in the same way as men, Savage said.

Savage said what is needed now is for women to reclaim their identity and proclaim true feminism. In that way, she said, they can embrace their “prophetic voice.”

Savage said, “It is time for the prophetic voice of faithful women to be sounded loudly and clearly,” so that society might be reminded of the goodness of women.

Furthering her argument, Savage said that the Blessed Virgin Mary is not only the perfect example of what it means for a woman to be a prophet, but also her person serves as the perfect example of how we should live our womanhood here and now. Mary’s role in salvation history reveals the “cosmic power” of her feminine genius, Savage said.

Throughout history, up to the here and now, woman’s duty to the world is to radically live out her unique femininity in her everyday life, Savage said.

Always bringing the gaze of men back to the heart of the situation and reminding them of the constant call of tenderness and love, women’s receptivity and love have always grounded society, Savage said. Now, more than ever, women need to boldly step into their identities and realize their true power and become who they are “meant to be.”

Savage expounds upon man and woman as they are described in the book of Genesis and uses the writings of St. John Paul II as a launching pad for many of her lectures and works.

The talk was hosted by Turning Point USA.