Pun Intended entertains students

Pun Intended
Pun Intended
Photo by James Kuepper
The improv group “Pun Intended” performing in the Gentile Gallery on Saturday evening.


Unashamedly cheesy lines were flying here, there and everywhere last night as Pun Intended performed their semester’s improvisation drama performance.

The performance was fun, fast paced and high energy and consisted of different improvisational games that required varying degrees of audience participation. Though the air was thick with sarcastic and sometimes less-than-witty comments, the actors performed them in a way that was very entertaining.

The reactions and participation by audience members was one of the outstanding traits of the performance. This resulted in the audience feeling like they were part of the act and added to the high level of energy.

One attendee, Sam Reese, a freshman psychology major and self-proclaimed connoisseur of high-quality puns, was very pleased with the performance.

“The great thing about puns,” Reese said, “is that they are not primarily meant for the enjoyment of the general public; they are for the enjoyment of the people telling the puns.”

Perhaps this is why the performances of each actor came across as so genuine and high energy. As a viewer, the fun the people on stage were having transferred into the crowd making the night quickly pass.

Puns weren’t the only things intended last night as the group is looking forward to their performance in January. Judging by the turn out to this performance, the future performances will be ones to mark on your calendar.

After all, as Reese so poignantly pointed out, “Pun Intended really rocked the house. Improv is a hard thing to do, but they did a solid job of it.”

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