Residence Life hosts “Ask your major” panel discussion

Grace Murphy

Staff Writer

Residence Life sponsored an academic major information panel in the Gentile Gallery Tuesday, March 2, at 8:30 p.m.

The panel was composed of five juniors and seniors representing different majors. Their majors included theology and catechetics, nursing, math, business, education and history.

Junior Della Doyle, a math major and Marian residence assistant, organized and led the event.

Doyle began the presentation by asking panel members a series of questions about their majors, including if and why they decided to switch majors, what extracurriculars they did outside their major and what they wished they had known before entering their major.

When asked what lessons she had learned from her professors, junior math major Luna Oppus said, “A bad grade is not the end of the world. It’s so easy for us to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I got a D on a test, maybe I should switch my major.’ But he has told me so many times about growth mindset and that has definitely kept me going as a math major and a chemistry minor.”

When asked if there was a skill learned in his major that could apply to any major, senior business management major Andrew Kurt said, “Being able to write persuasively and speak persuasively is a very important skill to have.”

Doyle then opened the floor for the audience to ask more specific major questions.

At the end Doyle said, “I really hope you guys found this panel to be helpful.”

Students said they found the panel discussion beneficial.

Junior Isabel Nishimuta said, “I am a junior, I have been in my major for three years, and even as a junior I thought it was beneficial.”

Doyle said she was inspired to organize this panel after many residents came to her last semester seeking advice about majors.