Rev. Paul Check calls students to show joy in homosexuality message


The Rev. Paul Check spoke to students Tuesday about the responsibility they as Christians have to persevere in the effort to truly love in the face of overpowering sentimentality toward homosexuality.

In his lecture, Check mentioned that as a young, thriving community, the Church must be a people of courage.

“It is important to realize that too often we treat those who have these urges with some kind of sentimentality or misplaced compassion when, in fact, we are enacting a betrayal of the Gospels,” Check continued. “We have to show that the Church’s teachings will bring fulfillment to humanity and, therefore, defend them unflinchingly.”

One student in attendance, Zacchaeus Lock, mentioned that he took away this concept as the most meaningful.

“I agreed with his analysis of moral clarity and the pastoral discussion,” Lock said. “So often, one is left out. We need to love and affirm while actually being firm in our love. I think he did a great job.”

This ministry of Check’s was initially given to him by the Church as an assignment, but he said it has grown to be so much more for him personally.

“I am a man under authority,” Check went on. “But I have developed an affection and respect toward the people involved with my ministry. It has become my family and has been transformative in my spiritual life.”

His love for his work shone through his presentation in his passionate call to never give up.

“I think that the greatest thing a college-aged community can do in this ongoing struggle is to better inform itself,” Check stated. “Discover for yourselves how the Church comes to these conclusions and grow in knowledge.”

Check said the members of the Church are meant to proceed with joy.

“We are not called to just keep a dialogue going,” Check declared. “We need to show the joy of Christ in our dedication. We need to be people of courage. It is for this reason I tell you: persevere!”