Sadie’s dance takes on spooky twist


Photo by: Daniel O’Loughlin

This semester’s Sadie Hawkins dance put students in the Halloween mood Friday night, Oct. 11.  

Students filled the J.C. Williams Center dressed in dashing attire or creative costumes — or even both at the same time. The dance, which lasted from 8 p.m. to midnight, does not typically involve the Halloween theme, but the hosting household, Servants of the Savior, went all out in anticipation of the coming holiday.  

Red and orange lights were strung between the balconies overhead to give the dance floor a haunted but fun glow. Hanging mysteriously above the dancers was a big black tarp, which added an expectant mood to the event.  

Amidst the fake spider webs and all the fallcolored streamers was the Service of the Savior banner above the stage. At this stage, the DJ provided an assortment of music for all those attending.  

“I had a lot of fun at the Sadie’s dance,” said attendee Haley Davinsizer, freshman. “It was really great to get all dressed up and dancing with all of my friends there. They played a lot of my favorite songs, which really made it 10 times better.” 

As the last hour of the dance got underway, the mysterious black tarps were shaken, and red and black balloons rained from above. The dancing continued as the new additions to the party were kicked, hit and popped from all directions.  

Junior John Rice, member of Servants of the Savior, said he had fun at the dance he had helped put on. Dressed as the character Doctor Strange, Rice said, “We have our Sadie Hawkins dance at least once a year — sometimes twice a year — and it’s been happening since the household was started back in 2003.” 

“We’ll probably be back in the spring!” said Rice.  

The night ended with John Denver’s classic song, “Country Roads.” All of the students still on the dance floor came together arm-in-arm and swayed to the song, singing out loud and kicking out one leg after the other to the beat.  

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