SCAN art festival showcases students’ original creations

Photo by Edyta Wolk

Edyta Wolk


An art festival hosted by the Student Creative Arts Network the weekend of Nov. 13-14 guided dozens of attendees through displays of student-made paintings, models and more.

Multiple tables were set up in Anathan Theatre for the two-night event, and the student artists seated at them eagerly explained their art pieces to each visitor while also discussing their inspirations and creative processes.

A large variety of different media were represented at the festival, one of which was writing.  Student Mya Riley, for example, put out her original poems to be read, and junior Estelle Mandeville supplied a stack of her original short stories.

Many of the students present were drawers or painters. Grace McCormick set up a slideshow of her paintings and brought two pieces to the event: a record with strawberry fields painted on it and a large canvas painting of the eye of Jupiter.

Sophomore Therese Scanlan sat at the same table as McCormick, also displaying a slideshow of her creations. Scanlan, who specifically enjoys drawing portraits, gave attendees the opportunity to sit and have their profiles drawn.

Across the room, sophomore Sophia Chamblee displayed her collection of comic-style drawings of saints. Senior Ava Montes, also showing drawings, flipped through a portfolio of both hand-drawn and digitally-drawn images.

In addition, multiple hand-made models were on display at the festival. One table that caught many visitors’ attention supported a collection of models themed after Peter Pan made by junior Michael Lamontagne. The collection consisted of miniatures of the Jolly Roger, Skull Rock, the island of Neverland and more.

Many other members of SCAN were present at the event to support the creators and socialize with guests. Junior Patrick Frazier walked around the room entertaining the crowd with ventriloquism.

SCAN had advertised this event the week before with flyers around campus calling for any students with skills in any medium to come sign up for a table.

“SCAN itself is a club that incorporates all kinds of art, and this event is our big semester event to bring all those types of art together into one place,” explained Thomas Bodoh, a junior at Franciscan University of Steubenville and the president of SCAN.

“This event is sort of the culmination of SCAN’s attempt to network all the different artists at Franciscan University. That’s its main goal when it gets down to it: to allow those artists to discover each other and help build each other up in those areas,” he said.

“I’m hoping that this event and future events can help to put a focus on the networking aspect of the Student Creative Arts Network.”