Scientist says science is conversation

Connor McGurk
Staff Writer

Science is a conversation and it is important to find the scientists that actually search for the truth, a scientist said at talk in the Gentile Gallery Thursday at 7 p.m.

David Hayes, a professional biophysicist working in biotherapeutics research and development and formerly a tutor and academic dean at Magdalen College, asked the age-old question: “Should we trust science?”

“Science has a search for truth; it’s just like any other search for truth,” said Hayes.

Hayes gave the participants sheets of quotes from famous scientists such as Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein on the relationship between science and religion, which gave more insight into the ongoing confusion of trusting science.

Hayes’ talk involved a discussion on bigger issues of science, such as COVID-19, the COVID vaccine, and the dangers of politicizing science.

Hayes said he helped in experiments to combat COVID.

Hayes talked about the infamous case of the 16th-century scientist Galileo Galilei, who was excommunicated from the Church for giving out evidence that the earth revolves around the sun. Hayes explained how this case became an example of why “pro-science” proponents are not often fond of the Church.

Hayes also promoted his friend George Stanciu’s book, “The Great Transformation: How Contemporary Science Harmonizes with the Spiritual Life,” a book that goes into more depth on the topic.

The talk was hosted by Beloved First Truth household.