Scriptures come alive for women at FOCUS led Bible study


Photo by: Kendal Hunstman

Womens Ministry hosted a Bible study on Jan. 31 in the Fireside Lounge led by two Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) missionaries The night, which began at 7:30 p.m., was the first of the weeklyWomens Wednesdays at the Wellof the semester.

FOCUS missionaries Mary Adam and Molly Fitzpatrick led the women through the first part of a study called The Crux(The Cross), which is one of many written and led by FOCUS missionaries. Fitzpatrick, a first-year missionary, explained that The Crux takes participants through the story of salvation, starting with the ideas that people were made for relationship with God and that relationship was broken through sin.

Adam and Fitzpatrick read from Genesis and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, looking specifically at humanitys first sin. The presentation was broken up with questions for small group discussion. Topics ranged from relationship with God as a loving Father to the ways people have to trust God to take care of them. Adam, who has served with FOCUS for four years, said, There are so many times in my life where I listened to all the lies of the enemy, and I knew the only way I could get out of it was going back to the truth, which is Scripture


Junior Emma Konizeski, a member of the Womens Ministry team, said the ministry wanted to host a Bible study because the FOCUS missionaries are really great resources and a lot of times theyre not utilized on the campus so having a FOCUS-style Bible study brought into

the ministry for Wednesday is an awesome way of introducing (the missionaries) and also having a fruitful Bible study with women.

Adam and Fitzpatrick shared that their experiences with Bible studies impacted their decisions to become missionaries. The studies made the Scripture come alive,both women agreed.

Freshman Elizabeth Boyle, education major, said the study made me very enthusiastic. At first I was a little hesitant, but after this Im excited for it because it was very encouraging. Im definitely joining a Bible study.

Allie Young, a freshman theology and catechetics major, said, I really appreciated the reflections on the first part of Genesis and that the focus of tonight was on how do we see God, as a loving father or as a rule-giver. I think thats very important and something that we cant address enough.

FOCUS missionaries and students are holding Bible studies throughout the semester, with different groups for men and women. To join a study or learn more, you can contact [email protected].