Senior day ends in sorrow, Barons lacrosse loses to Presidents 25-4


Photo by: Daniel O’Loughlin

The sun came out for senior day but did nothing to help the Barons’ game as they lost to Washington and Jefferson College, 25-4, at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 13.

The Barons struggled from the start as they gave up the first goal in the opening two minutes of the game. The Baron defense tried to fight back and blocked a shot, but they failed to stop four more shots, which gave the Presidents the lead, 5-0, with 7:47 left to play.

After a timeout at 5:16, the Barons pushed on offense and attempted two shots, but to no avail. The Presidents scored two more times, and players started slamming into each other in frustration. The Presidents did not slow down, though, as they scored another goal with 10 seconds to spare, ultimately ending the quarter 8-0.

The Presidents were quick yet again with two more goals within the first minute of the second quarter, bringing the score to 10-0. Determined to score the first point for the Barons, junior midfielder Jon Lee booked it down the field to attempt a shot only to lose the ball and give the Presidents another goal.

After struggling to control the ball, the Presidents scored two more goals. At 3:05, Lee finally scored the Barons’ first point. Giving them the confidence on defense, the Barons held the Presidents off until they scored two more goals at 48.0 and 5.7, ending the second quarter 16-1.

Once the pep band finished its final notes of halftime, the teams retook the field, and the Presidents came back scoring. The Baron defense picked back up and blocked two shots, holding the Presidents off until they eventually scored two more points. After a timeout, the Barons fought to keep the Presidents away but gave up two more goals, finishing the quarter 22-1.

The Presidents scored two more goals within the first three minutes of the fourth quarter, but the Barons came back fighting. Senior midfielder Dan McCartney scored two incredible goals while surviving a slash to the neck. Senior attack Michael Araps scored the final goal for the Barons followed by the Presidents scoring one of their own, ending the game 25-4 for the Presidents.

As frustrated as he was with the end result, head coach Pete Rosaschi still has confidence in his players. “I’m really proud of our two seniors,” he said, “We’re going to continue to work … and prepare for the next game.”

This game concludes the Barons’ home games for the season.