Seraphic Valor Household holds first dance

Seraphic Fire Household dance
Seraphic Fire Household dance
Photo by Kathleen Loesel
2-Sophomores (left to right) Jim Salitsky, Jay Ratajczak, Caroline Mentyka, Caleb Herboth, and Thomas Ebersole dance at Seraphic Valor’s first dance Saturday.


On Saturday night the J.C. Williams Center was decorated with green and yellow in preparation for the “Rumble in the Jungle” dance hosted by new household on campus, Seraphic Valor.

Seraphic Valor, located on the first floor of Trinity hall, is a men’s household inaugurated last semester that has special devotion to guardian angels, prayer and missionary work.

One of the founding members of Seraphic Valor, Adam Estavillo said, “First we must have a strong prayer life,” as he shared the fundamental focal point of the household. “Then God will lead you to good work.”

To do good work, God led these men and brought them together as a household. Members of the household dedicate their Sundays to missionary work in the downtown Steubenville where they strive to serve the poor.

A sizable crowd came out to the dance to have fun and to support Seraphic Valor.

“I think it was a great success,” said Jack Bruce, the coordinator of Seraphic Valor household. “People are having fun.”

Upbeat, base-heavy music heated up the atmosphere as students danced the night away. Guests were encouraged to dress in accordance with the jungle theme and some students even painted their faces to express their inner spirit of jungle warriors.

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