Sigma Tau Delta hosts alumni panel on life after graduation


Alumni of Franciscan’s English program encouraged students to get work experience while in school and to look for God in their job searches after college on Tuesday, March 28, in a panel titled “Life After Graduation.”

Students of all majors were invited to attend; however, the focus was primarily geared toward English majors.

Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, sponsored the discussion with graduates Catherine Troll and Katherine Ward. The graduates discussed their journey from senior year to entering graduate school and breaking into the workforce.

Photo provided by John Pilsner

Troll now works as a copywriter for Dynamic Catholic while Ward is studying for her graduate degree in education at Franciscan.

When asked what advice she could share, Troll encouraged students to seek as much job experience as possible during their time on campus. Troll went on to name several jobs she had as a student that helped enhance her resume including tutoring for writing and working for the Troubadour and Franciscan’s marketing department.

In response to the same request, Ward advised students to take the time to form relationships with their professors, as they can be extremely helpful in advising and recommending students in future opportunities.

Both emphasized the necessity to start the job search as early as possible. “I really wish I started looking around sooner,” said Ward.

They also shared the ways in which their faith guided them throughout the decision making process.

“The way you’re supposed to go is where the peace is,” said Troll. “I knew in my heart God was telling me to go work,” said Troll describing how she was faced with the decision between enrolling in graduate school and entering the workforce.

Ward, in contrast, said that, after working several months in an office job, she felt a lack of peace which caused her to consider teaching.

“I knew I wanted something more interactive,” said Ward. ”I’m excited to get kids excited about literature and we need good Catholic teachers.”

Ward and Troll spoke about the challenging process in deciding which profession they wished to pursue. While Ward had considered attending art school in Florence before teaching, Troll had investigated journalism, layout editing and book publishing before she became a copywriter.

Although both faced many uncertainties and obstacles throughout the post-graduation process, they encouraged students to seek the Lord’s plan with confidence.

“Be persistent and try—you’ll find peace,” said Ward.