Small households band together for Lord’s Day social

By Peter Elijah Lim
Staff Writer

The five households that form the Small Household Union hosted a joint Lord’s Day followed by a social time with food and games on April 1 at 4:30 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery.

Metanoia et Missa, Acceptance with Joy and Gaudete in Via Crucis women’s households and Soldiers Under Command and Brotherhood of St. Francis men’s households form the Small Household Union. A small household is defined as a household that has 12 or fewer members.

The Gentile Gallery was decorated with each household’s banner as well as important objects from each household’s common room. These included the Soldiers’ helmet, Gaudete’s purple Christmas tree, Acceptance with Joy’s stuffed manatee, Metanoia’s globe and the Brotherhood’s chalice.

Lord’s Day was a combination of each household’s devotions, with different household members leading different prayers and parts. Metanoia read the Sunday readings, Gaudete provided wine, and Acceptance with Joy lead participants in song.

After Lord’s Day, event attendees were invited to share pizza and play a game called the West Wind Blows.

In addition to visitors, 30 household members in total were present at the event.

Danielle Millerick, coordinator of Gaudete in Via Crucis, said, “I think this event is the beginning of the increase in better household relations, especially (among) the smaller households.”

Junior Rachael Kemme, a visitor, said, “As someone not part of a household, it is nice to get exposure to a bunch of smaller ones you don’t get to hear about that often.”

Gabe Salamida, Assistant Director of Household Life, said, “This was an epic gathering of students in small households, and I am appreciative of the coordinators who organized this event. I hope they continue so that students looking for a household to join do not overlook these stronger smaller households.”

Students who are interested in visiting or helping support a small household are encouraged to follow @fussmallhouseholdunion on Instagram.