Some (more) good news

John Krasinki’s “Some Good News” YouTube series was an instant hit this past spring. At the time this article is being written, the former star of “The Office” has 2.59 million subscribers and over 78 million total views on his channel, which features just 13 videos.

“Even indoors in the weird world of isolation, good news was happening everywhere,” Krasinski says at the beginning of his first video.

I understand why these episodes were so well-received, because, honestly, that claim was pretty hard to believe this past summer. All the fear and negativity combined with the social isolation made it seem as if we were living in some apocalyptic world. My home state of Connecticut was one of the most badly impacted, and my town felt like a ghost town for most of the spring.

Now, I’ve been studying journalism and writing for the Troubadour ever since my freshman year at Franciscan. And I know that it’s the job of the media to report the truth, even if the truth is bad or disappointing.

But I’ve also come to know that if all the news we ever write or read about is this dark and disappointing, then the media is doing something wrong. Because that’s simply not the truth. The truth is that there are still many reasons to be happy and thankful.

Here’s some good news for you all: We’re all back at Franciscan — on campus! Praise God! And our awesome administration is doing everything it can to make sure we spend the whole semester here.

The Step in Faith fund is making it possible for so many new students to be here, and we have the largest freshman class in history! The weather has been beautiful, our campus is covered in shady trees and colorful flowers, and the school has given us all free lawn chairs to enjoy this even more fully. The Port is open and we now have five masses a day!

Personally, I know that one of my own worst qualities is that I like to complain. And, if we’re being honest, there’s a lot to complain about this semester. But there are also many blessings and causes for joy! And we have the choice to define our attitudes. I know I’m no shining role model in this department, but maybe we can all work toward this together this semester.

That’s definitely what we’ll all be trying to do over here at the Troubadour; this paper will not become the Coronavirus Chronicles. I want us to feature the best aspects of student life — even if masked and socially distanced — and not the worst ones.

So keep all this in mind this semester. Remember that the administration is working for you, not against you. Remember that counseling at the Wellness Center is always available if you are struggling. And remember that no matter how much your circumstances may change, God never does.