Speaker and author shares testimony about living in the truth

Photo by Elizabeth Wagner

Estelle Mandeville

Staff Writer

A Catholic speaker and author gave a testimony about her journey with God to living in the truth with same-sex attraction on Sunday, Nov. 15.

Kim Zember, who speaks internationally about her struggles with same-sex attraction and how she has worked to overcome it, said, “I’ve always been drawn to women.”

Zember talked about how beautiful her Catholic family life was as a child and how it all changed when she went to public high school. She said that high school popped the protected bubble she was in during elementary school.

In Zember’s senior year of high school, she kissed a girl for the first time. She said it was an “instant addiction” and that she started “dating men in the forefront and women behind the scenes.” She led a double life.

Then, Zember met a man who reflected Christ. They started dating and he said that he loved her. When Zember asked why, the man said, “I love your heart.”

Zember said she wanted to know her heart. Her boyfriend told her to ask God, so she did.

According to Zember, God told her to help people, especially in Ethiopia.

“I sold my house, my car, everything I owned and moved to Ethiopia,” Zember said.

Her boyfriend followed her to Ethiopia, and they got married. Then, she was caught cheating on him with another woman. She went to priests, and they told her it was acceptable to date women. She did not believe them, though, so on Oct. 17, 2014, Zember surrendered to God.

“I finally gave up my control,” she said.

Zember started reading the Bible and stopped dating women.

It was not an immediate fix, and Zember said that she fell again but asked God’s forgiveness. Her book “Restless Heart: My Struggle with Life & Sexuality” tells the entire story.

Many students expressed their appreciation for Zember’s testimony.

Junior Emily Capello said, “Kim was so inspirational in speaking the truth in a raw way.”

Freshman Hope Graham said, “I love how she married truth and love together.”

Junior Mike Sobus said, “I like how she said your desires aren’t who you are.”

Zember also gave a talk about how to help people with same-sex attraction in the Gentile Gallery on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m.

Zember’s talks were co-sponsored by Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus household, Student Life, Franciscan Life, Exc!te, the Missionary Outreach Department, Academic Affairs and the Henkel Lecture Series.