Speaker calls for students to be passionate in business


In the Gentile Gallery on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 26, a businessman spoke to students about the reality of the world of business.

Michael Hagg, assistant coach for Franciscan University of Steubenville’s women’s basketball team, has a business background from which he drew to give real-life advice to the students present. Hagg told the audience about his background, cautioned about certain aspects of the business world and encouraged the students to stay true to themselves.

Hagg shared with his audience that his father had polio. This led him to discover his passion, which he pursues to this day: working with people with disabilities. Hagg emphasized the need for the students to find a passion. “No matter what it is,” said Hagg, “have a passion.”

He next spoke on business policies and why it is important to be careful when writing them. Hagg said that some people refuse making a policy because one must “follow it to a ‘t.’”

Hagg also warned his audience about social media. “Think before you type it out and press send,” said Hagg. He explained that there is much negativity on social media, and students should use caution when posting because what they post is accessible to the whole world.

Hagg went on to talk to his audience about government regulations. He asked if anyone planned to pursue a career in banking, and when one student said yes, he said, “Good luck to you.” Hagg underlined that fact that government regulations consume a significant amount of time and that there would be many taxes.

“Use what God’s given you to give back,” said Hagg. Encouraging those present to use their talents in the business world to give back to others, Hagg pointed out that at Franciscan University, people are driven by their faith.

Hagg explained that it is important that students continue this drive out in the business world and believe and share the faith. “You guys are not the majority,” said Hagg, but he said that it is still essential that Catholics in the business world live out their faith.

Kelsey Scott-Avery, a junior at Franciscan, said, “It was great. Coach Hagg really brings a lot of knowledge and experience, and I’m really glad he was able to come and speak to us about his experience in the business world.”

This talk was hosted by the Christian Students for Free Enterprise club.