Speaker combines faith, science, reason to illuminate human dignity

Christopher T. Baglow speaks for the Friday Academic Lecture Series


Christopher T. Baglow speaks for the Friday Academic Lecture Series
Photo by: Kendal Huntsman

An expert on systematic theology recently shared with a crowd in the Gentile Gallery that human beings are the fulfillment of and reason for the universe on Jan. 26 at 3 p.m.

Christopher T. Baglow, who received his doctorate in systematic theology from Duquesne University in 2000 and is currently is a professor of theology at Notre Dame Seminary, gave the first of this semester’s academic lecture series on the topic of science and faith, entitled Theological Reflections on Creation, Evolution, & Human Origins.”

Baglow said that human beings are rational beings that have bodies and are uniquely different than any creatures in the animal kingdom. This statement points to the fact that we are the very reason for the universe,” said Baglow.

Each human being is a result of a thought of God, said Baglow, and thus has a reason and a purpose, and “it is our call to discover and fulfill that purpose to the best of our ability. … In short, human beings are the fulfillment of the physical universe.”

Baglow placed the three topics of faith, science and reason on the cutting edge.” He explained how these new sciences provide fresh and unexplored opportunities as long as we know how to correctly interpret them.” Baglow touched on a big theme that the story of creation is this idea of a relationship and a radically personal drama.”

Baglow quoted many famous scientists, theologians and Church figures, such as Saint John Paul II when he said that science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.

Baglow went on to explain how God is not just one cause but the cause above all causes.He said that to call the universe a drama is to claim it is a meaningful story that contains many elements that make up what life is all about.

Freshman Miles Dumanig said he loved the talk, saying thatit was intense.

Freshman Louie Mirabello enjoyed the talk as well and said that his favorite part was where Baglow explained how “we’re designed with purpose. We’re not just a random outcome of evolution.”