Speaker explains Mary’s self-gift through theology of the body


Photo by: Noemy Banuelos

Over a dozen graduate and non-traditional students from Franciscan University of Steubenville gathered at Froelich’s Classic Corner on Thursday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. for a talk on Mary and theology of the body, the first Theology on Tap event of the semester.

Cindy Costello, an inspirational speaker and graduate theology student at Franciscan University, opened the night with a talk titled “Virgin Mary and Theology of the Body,” in which she shared her excitement about “Mary as our guide and model.”

“Humanity met divinity in Mary’s body: in her heart, womb and body. … She received God’s divinity. God chose woman to bring this mystery about,” said Costello as she unfolded the mystery of Mary’s relationship to the Trinity. She continued to explain the delicate wonder of Mary as gift, spouse and as a fruitful virgin.

Costello covered the five mysteries of Mary and how she made of herself a gift by submitting to God’s will, even during great sorrow. “At the foot of the cross, when the soldier pierced our Lord’s heart, he was already dead. So, who felt the pain? She felt the pain,” said Costello.

With encouraging words, Costello ended with the powerful examination of the meaning of life. “What is the point of living?” she prompted the group. “The mystery of the body is love,” she said. “I do not know who I am until I start loving. We find ourselves when we give ourselves in love. It is what we are made for,” said Costello.

The next Theology on Tap event will be held at Froelich’s on Feb. 21 with a talk by Bill Keimig called “The Beauty of Intimate Joy.”