Speaker highlights importance of understanding the truth of creation, evolution

Photo by Linsey Flinn

Genevieve Stefanick
Staff Writer

A speaker said spreading the truth about creation as it is told in the book of Genesis is important at a talk in the Gentile Gallery Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Hugh Owens, founder of the Kolbe Center for Creation, an organization aimed at discovering the truth of the origins of man and the universe, spoke on evolution.

Owens said if evolution were true, one could say based on empirical evidence that man is “not evolving into Superman but devolving into McDonald’s man,” which is self-evidently ridiculous.

Owens said that one “can’t explain supernatural creation in terms of natural processes” and every attempt to explain creation naturalistically or through “proto-theistic evolution” is a futile exercise, riddled with arrogance.

Owens said the creation story is incredibly beautiful and reveals much about who God is and who man is, which is why understanding creation is vital to man’s life and death as a Catholic.

There is intense historical reality behind the doctrine of the Church about creation, Owens said. He quoted Pope Pius X, Pope Leo XIII and several other historical Church fathers to bolster his argument.

Owens said iconography is a part of the proof of the Church’s traditional teachings and that icons “make present certain realities.” Owens said every single icon detailing the events of creation reveals it to be a six-day event that expresses the perfection of man and creation before the Fall.

Owens said the world was created by God in its fullness from the beginning of creation and was only changed and altered as a result of man’s original sin.