Speaker says angels are unacknowledged civilization

Margaret Peppiatt
Staff Writer

Another civilization exists that is not easy to acknowledge because of the fall, said an expert on angels in Christ the King Chapel Wednesday.

Mark Miravalle, a professor of theology who earned his sacred theological doctorate at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, shared beliefs about the angels derived from scripture and the tradition that comes from saints, such as Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, to about 75 students.

Miravalle defined an angel as “a created spiritual person without a body.”

According to Aquinas, angels move by “exerting their will,” Miravalle said.

Miravalle explained that angels have infused knowledge on the natural level unlike humans who gain knowledge through abstraction.

There is a theological consensus that the angels faced a moral test before seeing the beatific vision, Miravalle said. He said angels could reject the supernatural revelation of the Incarnation at this time, which Lucifer chose to do.

Miravalle next described the choirs and hierarchies of angels. Consisting of the seraphim, cherubim and thrones, the first hierarchy is concerned with adoration and contemplation of the Trinity, Miravalle said.

The second hierarchy contains the dominions, virtues and powers. Miravalle said this middle hierarchy orders the universe, which includes directing the seasons and change of day.

The third and lowest hierarchy manages human operations and sanctification, Miravalle said. The principalities, archangels and angels make up this category.

Miravalle briefly mentioned the three archangels, who correspond to the persons of the Trinity. Michael serves the Father, Gabriel is the angel of the Son and Raphael is the angel of the Holy Spirit, he said.

Miravalle lastly discussed guardian angels, noting that they know more about a person than anyone else.

“From the beginning of time, when your guardian angel was created, until the moment of your conception, your guardian angel has been waiting for you,” Miravalle said, adding that a guardian angel has two goals: adoring God and getting a person to heaven once born.

Miravalle provided four dimensions of having a relationship with a guardian angel. An angel can help one have better adoration and even contemplate better because they witnessed the mysteries of the rosary, Miravalle said.

A guardian angel can also help a person live out a vocation and state of life, Miravalle said.

Junior McKayla Eichert said, “I liked how Dr. Miravalle talked about our relationship with the angels and the different things that can help us.”

The talk was sponsored by Christ the King Chapel.