Speaker says open hearts lead to spiritual healing

Photo by Veronica Novotny

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

Spiritual healing is “making broader our communion with God,” a speaker said Tuesday evening to a crowd of students in Christ the King Chapel before weekly praise and worship.

Bob Schuchts, founder and director of the St. John Paul II Healing Center, began his talk with a quote from St. Bonaventure: “The Holy Spirit comes where he is welcome and loved.”

Schuchts said God the father loves to give his spirit, who brings the people to communion and healing. Schuchts invited audience members to give their hearts to the father for who he is.

Schuchts said if all lived according to God’s order, lives would start to change.

“What moves Jesus’ heart is when you go to him in faith, desiring his heart and salvation,” Schuchts said.

He said everyone should allow their hearts to be open to God’s healing. To start, he said everyone should start with correcting the image they have of the father. Catholics should strive to stop seeing themselves as “too sinful to be forgiven” because that projects their brokenness onto the father.

He who dwells in others has the full capacity to be healed, Schuchts said.

Schuchts said that he was inspired by the experience of a high school student he met at a Steubenville Conference. The girl had been grieving, but, even as she did, she found herself fully healed.

With the power of the Eucharist and praise and worship, she had been moved to serve the Lord much more intimately.

Schuchts said he loves to see the spirit work in teenagers and watching the prayer teams touch them. In that moment, he was reminded that healing comes not only in prayer but also in worship.

Schuchts ended with a time of reflection for the audience members. They imagined they were with Jesus when he was baptized by St. John the Baptist.

Freshman Marie Jirgal said, “When he told us to imagine ourselves at Jesus’ baptism, I saw myself being fully submerged with Jesus. I laughed with him as we went under, filled with joy and peace.”

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