Speaker shares tools for habitual purity

Bethany Doudna

Staff Writer

A FOCUS missionary and renowned speaker gave a talk to Franciscan University women on how to live sexual purity Monday in the Gentile Gallery.

Kelsey Skoch, guest speaker for the Gift of Human Sexuality Symposium, addressed how women can face the issues surrounding purity in a talk entitled “Uncompromising Purity.”

“There is so much shame in our world, of women struggling with (purity),” said Skoch. “But no one is talking about it.”

Skoch shared several pieces of advice drawn from the recent book she wrote with Everett Fritz called “Uncompromising Purity: It’s Not Just a ‘Guy’ Problem”. These included identifying and monitoring personal triggers, establishing accountability with a trusted friend and seeking spiritual direction.

Skoch emphasized the importance of bringing these matters into one’s prayer life, despite shame, fear or anger.

Skoch said the chemical processes of the brain respond to impure addictive behaviors, creating an artificial dopamine and oxytocin dependency in the user that exercises a disturbing amount of control over one’s life.

Skoch said there is a rising percentage of women who report addictions to pornography and masturbation. The pornography market is “focused on women now much more than ever,” she said.

The talk drew around 40 students, many of whom stayed afterwards to ask questions in person or anonymously via Facebook.

“I thought it was really good that (Skoch) brought this issue out into the open,” said a student, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“That’s my goal,” said Skoch, “to share the truth and punch the devil in the face.”

Skoch has been working with the FOCUS missionaries for eight years and has been concentrating on women’s purity outreach for six years. She found her call in this area during her own struggle and return to the fullness of the Catholic Church.

Copies of “Uncompromising Purity: It’s Not Just a ‘Guy’ Problem” were available for purchase, and can also be found on Skoch’s website.