Sports Column: ‘A bittersweet moment in life’

Ryan Held


We’re at that time of year now. For many of us it will seem a bittersweet moment in life. Fall seasons are ending, which means for seniors that you are, as they say in the fight game, preparing to hang up your gloves. Your time is up, and sometimes it can feel that all the blood, sweat and tears put into your athletic career wasn’t worth it. But let me tell you something: it was worth it. Through four years of athletic competition, you have been tried and tested and let it be said that you all showed your quality on and off the field.

Seniors – you were the leaders on your teams. The underclassmen respect you for putting in the time and effort. Life as a student athlete is difficult and you have most certainly paid your dues. We thank you for that. Take with you the memory of your time as a Baron and let it mold you in the future. Now comes the time when you must pass on the torch and entrust your leadership to the next generation of Barons. They will not let you down. It is very personal for me to say this to you because I know how this works. I too have to pass on the torch, as I will be studying abroad next semester. This is my last address to you and someone new will be taking my position.

As for you underclassmen, make the seniors proud. Honor them with your play and keep their legacy alive. Keep the fire burning. The seniors put in the time. You must do the same. It is only through trying to make the nteam better that you will honor those who came before you.

As you leave us seniors, take pride in your accomplishments. I have no doubt that they will lead you to further success down the road.