Spring Fling week celebrates the arrival of warm weather, end of the semester


Photo by: Layna Corbett

For Spring Fling week, the student-led organization Exc!te put on several events as a “Foreign Affair” or grand finale to the semester, celebrating the coming of spring.

On Wednesday, April 24, students enjoyed the sunny, springy weather at the annual “Chill on the Hill” event. Throughout the afternoon, the courtyard, hill and lawn outside of the Finnegan Fieldhouse were filled with students enjoying the fun activities and free food.

In the courtyard, attendees had the opportunity to have their portraits drawn by a caricature artist, and from the Desperado Dogs stand trailed a long line of students willing to wait for their bacon-loaded cowboy dogs. Also available in front of the Fieldhouse were free drinks and desserts.

Photo by: Monica Torreblanca

Across the lawn, various games were available as well as a massive slide, and dozens of students gathered for a water balloon fight in the middle of the event. All in all, the afternoon gave students the chance to relax before facing finals and to enjoy good food and good fun.

Friday evening, the week came to a pinnacle and close with the off-campus Spring Formal.

Internationally themed, the event featured hors d’oeuvres and desserts from around the world, ranging from stuffed mushrooms to sweet and sour chicken skewers to mini pecan pies and cannoli, and the table centerpieces were decorated with old-world maps, postcards and tiny suitcases.

Throughout the evening, students in formal attire mingled, ate and danced away to songs such as “Havana,” “Chicken Fried” and the “Cupid Shuffle.”

The president of Exc!te, junior Stephanie Kazmierczyk, was proud of the event and her team: “I think the event went really well. I was very proud of the Exc!te team for all the effort they put into the centerpieces and theme.”

Kazmierczyk also summarized the thoughts of attendees when she described the event, saying, “My friends and I had a wonderful time. … The food was great, the dance floor was full and the atmosphere was beautiful.”

Finally, she was sure to “thank … all of those who came out!” Though, those students who had the pleasure of attending are more likely to be thanking her for such a lovely evening.

The final Spring Fling event, the wine and cheese social, was postponed due to the power outage on Tuesday. The date for the rescheduled event has not yet been announced, but more information will be forthcoming.