Sacred Music honors St. Francis


Beautiful choral tones reverberated through the air in Christ the King Chapel for the St. Francis of Assisi Musical Tribute on September 4th.

Eli Tamar, a composer whose music has been featured in various places such as Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburg, Prokofiev Museum and Jurgensen Chamber Hall in Moscow, as well as other venues, presented each piece as well as his own compositions which were a part of the musical tribute.

Musical pieces from some of the great baroque composers such as Vivaldi to Italian classical composer Boccherini were accompanied by the stunning soprano Charlene Canty, ethereal and vibrant countertenor Andrey Nemzer and our very own Nicholas Will, assistant professor of music on the organ.

“Our performance is by two wonderful singers whom I consider to be world class singers.” said Eli Tamar when introducing Canty and Nemzer.

Canty is an accomplished opera singer, concert soloist and recitalist who has won various awards and honors. Nemzer is a distinguished countertenor who is a prize winner of Operalia 2014.

“It’s beautiful. Particularly enjoyed the duet!” Said Sr. Teresa Reyes T.O.R. on the interaction between Canty and Nemzer. “As I was sitting, I couldn’t help but wonder, what will music be like in heaven? This is just a foretaste of the glories of God.” she said concerning how the performance of the first half of the tribute impressed her.

“I love hearing music about St. Francis. Plus I assumed there would be a rendition of the Canticle of the Sun,” said Nicholas Medley, a senior, about what drew him to attend the performance.

“I listen to chant music online and have always loved Catholic music. This particular show makes me think of Heaven.” said MaryAlice Dadosky, a freshman, on her overall opinion of the Tribute to St. Francis.

The second part of the concert featured works composed by Eli Tamar.

“The song in its entirety shows deepest gratitude to God for His beautiful world He made for His people,” said Eli Tamar about The Canticle of the Sun.

Not all thought the concert was beautiful.

“It was well-done but musically discordant,” said Peter Lindgren, a visitor concerning the second half of the concert.