“Stand fast on social issues,” says conservative speaker


Conservative blogger Matt Walsh decried the manipulation of social issues by liberals and called conservatives to “stand fast” for the issues that matter during a speech on Sept. 26. 

Speaking to a standing-room only crowd in the Gentile Gallery, Walsh called out conservatives that have labeled social issues, specifically abortion, marriage and transgenderism, as irrelevant. Walsh called this “moral cowardice,” adding that liberals realize that society revolved around these issues and grabbed hold of them for their own agendas.

Walsh made those issues the focus of his talk and said that they are the key to the heart of today’s society. “Conservatives must not pivot away from the issues, but rather move towards them,” said Walsh, adding that, “Winning these social issues means winning the country’s soul.”

Walsh called abortion the central battlefield of today and said that there is no greater threat to mankind. The cultural acceptance of abortion undermines the sanctity of human life, he said.

“We cannot hope to win anything unless we can communicate this fact,” Walsh said. “Our guns, our money, nothing else matters if we cannot convince society that life matters.”

He then began talking about the importance of marriage and the family, which he called the nucleus of civilization. Expressing disbelief at the rapid rate at which gay marriage has become normal, Walsh said that it doesn’t change the fact that “human civilization rests on the family.” He added that only traditional marriage is life-giving, therefore it must be protected.

Walsh called transgenderism the one battle that conservatives can still win, but they are losing it more every day. He said that society must realize that men are men and women are women.

Every attack on these issues by the left, according to Walsh, is part of reaching their goal, which is “to turn men into gods.”

“The worship of self has become the predominant religion of our time,” he said.

Before concluding, Walsh called on those present to stand fast against these attacks on social issues because they must stand for the truth. “The truth doesn’t stop being the truth just because less people say it,” he said.

Walsh was well received by students, with applause following several of his remarks. Junior Matt McCloskey called the speech “thought-provoking” and appreciated hearing from a Catholic perspective to contrast other prominent conservative voices such as Ben Shapiro.

Megan Crowell, a transfer freshman, hadn’t had any real exposure to Walsh before the speech, but found his bluntness refreshing. “He was inspiring, especially when he talked about abortion,” she said.

The event was put on by Young Americans for Freedom. According to club president Ben Idzik, the club’s next event will be leading a trip of students to the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., from Oct. 13-15.

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