Steubenville participates in nation rally for life


On Oct. 14, churches across America led their parishes in the annual Rally for Life, in which parishioners stood outside of their courthouses and prayed for a peaceful resolution to the horrors of abortion. The Franciscan community was one of those that invited students to pray. The rally was held at the corner of third and Market Street in downtown Steubenville.

What occurred this past weekend on Market Street is also happening globally. Last week in Poland, many Catholics and non-Catholics linked arms and made a chain around the border as they prayed the rosary for life and world peace. On Oct. 14, Italy and Catholics across America followed Poland’s lead. This trend is catching on and is called “Rosary to the Borders,” and Steubenville was one of the small towns that participated.

The rally started at noon on Saturday and began with praying the rosary. The prayers recited after the rosary differ according to each rally, and the gentleman that was leading the Steubenville rally included the divine praises and a litany to Mary.

While the weather was hotter than desired, the experience was beautiful and moving. The most empowering part of the entire experience had to be the cars that were driving by or who were waiting at the stop sign next to the rally.

Some honked their horns in support, some against the rally, but the most authentic gesture came from a county policeman who used his speaker to thank the community for the prayers.

Freshman Anthony Butler said the gesture was inspiring. “That police officer just encouraged me to pray for the community more,” he said.

Catherine Tirschman, freshman, said, “This experience was memorable because it made me think about exactly what and who I was praying for, and now I am reminded to pray for the police force as well.”

Overall, the rosary rally was a success, and it was an experience to remember. The Church prays that one day, Catholics won’t have to pray for an end to abortion because it will be illegal. Until then, more and more countries are going to take their rosaries to the borders, bow their heads and pray.