Student Government allocates funds for The Gadfly, announces election date for fall positions


During its weekly meeting April 8, Franciscan University Student Government debated an allocation of funds for The Gadfly, prepared for an upcoming budget meeting and announced an election date for next semester’s leadership.

Spring Bill 35 proposed an allocation of $974.39 to The Gadfly for the magazine’s April/May issue. The bill had previously been tabled during the last formal meeting, due to the absence of a representative.

The new editor-in-chief, Anthony Halstead, was present at the April 8 meeting to represent The Gadfly.

Much of the debate on Bill 35 concerned an increase in the cost of publishing magazines. This increase forced the number of printed copies from 400 to 299. One of the reasons for cost increase is because of rush-shipping.

Halstead said that it was for the sake of consistency and timely delivery. However, some of the senators argued that the Student Government should only cover the regular shipping cost because The Gadfly should not be granted a special favor for not being responsible with their deadlines.

In the end, Bill 35 passed with only two votes against it. Senators agreed that because the end of the semester is very close, there is not enough time for The Gadfly to publish an April/May issue of the magazine in time with regular shipping.

Student Government’s budget meeting for next semester is scheduled for Monday, April 13 at 9 p.m. It is expected to run for at least three hours with more than 12 clubs having submitted a budget.

The election for sophomore, junior and senior Student Government senate positions as well as for presidency and vice-presidency will be held Wednesday, April 22.