Student Government and Exc!te join forces, celebrate Mardi Gras

By Peyton Voorheis
Staff Writer

Franciscan students enjoyed food and festivities in celebration of Fat Tuesday on Feb. 21 from 6 to 10 p.m. in the J.C. Williams Center.

The atrium and Gentile Gallery were filled with purple, green and gold decorations, including tinsel and centerpieces and jazz music was played as an homage to New Orleans.

In addition, the J.C. was full of dessert tables which were restocked continually throughout the evening as a steady stream of students filled the atrium.

The event organizers opted to not offer just one, but rather several sweets so that students could get a taste of traditional Fat Tuesday treats from around the world. Pastries from the British Isles, New Orleans, Germany and Poland were offered at the event.

The event also had games, including giant versions of Connect Four and Jenga, and the Gentile Gallery was filled with blank masquerade masks and decorating supplies so that students could make their own Mardi Gras masks.

The party was co-sponsored by Exc!te and Student Government.

“We love collaborating with Exc!te,” said senior Sen. Francesco Pinque, adding, “we planned a lot of events last semester; this is the first big event of the semester.”

Pres. Jared Johnson said that he had enjoyed “compiling all these different cultures’ expressions and giving everyone a taste of different pre-Lenten celebrations.”

Sophomore Lucy Kucharsk said of the event, “I’m enjoying the party very much. The food is really good, because I have a sweet tooth.”

Students were not the only attendees, however. Several alumni made an appearance, including Mary Catherine Prostejovsky, who said of the event, “Student Government and Exc!te did a great job bringing the community together.”