Student Government approves next year’s club budgets

Danielle Huber

Staff Writer

After approving club budgets during the weekly Franciscan University Student Government meeting April 7, President Athanasius Sirilla said FUSG will hold an open forum with a talk from the Rev. Dave Pivonka next Wednesday, April 14, in the International Lounge at 11 a.m.

All club leaders are invited to come and ask FUSG questions.

Spring Bill 42 was approved, allocating $495 to the Veritas Society for its all-student social taking place in the J.C. Williams tent April 18 following the last Dumb Ox Debate of the semester.

The overall FUSG budget for Fall 2021 was approved to be $26,453. The following clubs received approved budgets by FUSG:

  • American Red Cross Club received $225.
  • Anime Club received $170.
  • Annunciations received $125.
  • Black Student Association received $550.
  • Board Game Club received $295.
  • Breaking Barriers received $465.
  • Chess Club received $900.
  • Chesterton Society received $600.
  • International Coffee Club received $360.
  • Filipinos for Christ Club received $200.
  • Justin Martyr Debate Club received $570.
  • Latinos for Christ Club received $800.
  • Life Runners received $200.
  • Marian Multi-Cultural Club received $114.
  • Outdoors Club received $3,550.
  • St. Paul’s Juggling Troop received $225.
  • St. Vitus Dance Club received $320.
  • Student Creative Arts Network received $1,430.
  • Student Council for Exceptional Children received $625.
  • Students For Life received $1,400.
  • Veritas Society received $1,820.
  • Young Americans Foundation received $3,225.
  • FUSG received $7,304.

This meeting’s best dressed award went to Senators Jared Johnson and Bridget Whoriskey.

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