Student government continues to advocate for patens

Danielle Huber

Staff Writer

Franciscan University Student Government continued the discussion of a formal advisory resolution on the use of patens during Mass at its meeting Feb. 24.

“We think (patens) provide a greater reverence for the Eucharist to show that we really care about it not being dropped, and we think it will encourage students to have a greater respect for the Eucharist,” said President Athanasius Sirilla.

Sirilla said FUSG promised to provide the necessary servers and make sure the patens work with the university’s COVID-19 regulations, but the friars did not give Student Government a direct response last semester.

However, the resolution was tabled again.

During the meeting, the assistant director of Parkhurst Dining said that Antonian Hall is planned to be renovated this summer and finished in time for the fall 2021 semester. How the dining hall will be renovated is unknown at this time, said the assistant director.

During its weekly update, Outreach and Wellfare Committee said it was in contact with a local alum artist who will paint a mural in Egan Hall. What the mural will consist of is currently unknown.

Spring Bill 18 unanimously allocated $50 to purchase gifts from the bookstore for the speakers on the panel on student mental health, which was sponsored by FUSG and hosted Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.

Spring Bill 15 reimbursed Senator Jared Johnson $113.42 for the purchase of 11 records for the student club offices, which is expected to benefit those in the student club office as well as local businesses proven to have cheaper prices than Amazon.

Vice President Clement Harrold “regretfully” passed the bill with a unanimous vote.

Senator David Hahn moved to insert Spring Bill 17, advocating for $200 to be allocated towards the coffee bar’s emergency supplies – for example, to replace two broken mocha machines.

Student Government will meet in the International Lounge located in the J.C. Williams Center on Wednesday, March 3, as opposed to its usual meeting place in the St. Joseph Center’s Seminar Room.

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