Student Government debates club budgets at final meeting



Franciscan University Student Government met for the final time before summer to discuss the budgets for multiple clubs on campus.

The total came to a sum of $33,118 for all club budgets.

Student Government was awarded $7,373 by committee vote, but the new total became $9,522.

Students for Life requested $8,950 and were awarded $7,725 by a committee vote. This budget was also amended from $7,725 up to $7,880.

The Annunciations, Franciscan’s women’s a cappella group, requested $80 and were awarded $45.

“I think this is a reasonable amount,” said Sen. Daniel Smith.

This budget was passed.

The Anscombe Society requested $463.96 and was given $227, which was amended down to $159 for car rentals.

The Baronettes dance team requested $600 and was awarded $0, which garnered some debate.

Smith said, “I think it’s unfair to completely penalize them. We should increase the award to $300 for uniforms.”

The senators voted on the amendment, and it was passed 7-4 with one abstention.
The Board Game Association requested $279.02 and was awarded $80 by a committee vote of 5-1. Club representative Joshua McKenna said that he did not think $80 would be sufficient, and the budget was eventually passed at $128.76 for the club’s pizza night.

The Student Creative Arts Network was awarded $1,850, which was sufficient for Andrew Gordon, club representative and treasurer.

The St. Vitus Social Dance Club was awarded $80, in place of its requested $166, in a 6-0 committee vote.

Eagle Scouts suggested $750, but were awarded $200. The $200, after debate, was raised to $350.

The Equestrian Club was awarded $650 by committee vote 6-0, but the new total became $600.

Franciscan FATAL, male club Frisbee team, requested $1,800 but was awarded $1,200 by a committee vote of 5-1.

Female ultimate Frisbee team Franciscan FIRE was awarded $600 instead of $1,700, and after debate on whether it was sufficient to drastically lower the original request, the budget was amended to read $1,700.

Student publication “The Gadfly” was awarded $60 for its budget.

Latinos for Christ was given $1,370 in the committee vote, but the total came down to $0 for supplies and $735 for the mariachi band.

The Outdoors Club was given $1,800 by committee vote, but the amount was amended to $1,400.

Young Americans for Freedom was given $6,145 in the committee vote, but this amount was amended to read $5,525.