Student Government discusses bills for Young Americans for Freedom, Outdoors Club



Franciscan University Student Government met April 6 to discuss two spring bills, both presented by committee chair, Sen. Stephen Shaw.

Spring bill #37 allocated $57.16 from Young Americans for Freedom’s February­March voter drive to continue the voter drive into March, April and May. Additionally, $200 will be reallocated from the February­March voter drive to the April debate watch party.

Young Americans for Freedom is looking to be responsible for its funds and look at its own budget for unused funds before asking for new allocations from Student Government. It is reallocating to the April debate watch party.

Also new developments in the presidential race require some of those funds to be available through the end of the semester.

The money for the voter drive was budgeted for February and March, and $257.16 is unused.

The breakdown of costs is the total amount for postage and supplies like ink, envelopes and staples.

The second spring bill, #38, did not allocate any money, but recognized that the Outdoor Club would be holding a bake sale to raise money for its paintball event April 23 at Renegade Paintball in Pittsburgh. James Mosen, the club treasurer, represented the group.

According to the bill, this event will give students the chance to to participate in an outdoor sport, thus, filling the mission of the club. About 30 people are expected to attend, and the cost is $45 per participant.

Sen. Harrison Rapp said, “We spoke with the club representative and they are going to fundraise. We don’t want to give anymore money out at this time.”

Sen. Sarah Sperduto added, “The issue with having money to roll over is that sometimes we only have $1,000­$2,000 left at the end of the year. Clubs ask for allocations at the beginning of the year, and we don’t want to use it all up in the beginning.”

Shaw said, “For a club to be successful, ultimately, it falls on them to fundraise.”

The spring bill was resolved for $0.

David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life and Student Government adviser, said, “My advice would be to think about a way to avoid moving an allocation to $0. If the committee doesn’t want to support a bill, it should be voted down. It’s not required (parliamentarily), but it would be advised. It would be something worth discussing.”

Schmiesing also suggested a discussion on the target amount Student Government wants to set as a guideline for the contingency fund.

As the meeting adjourned, Chief Justice Tommy Valentine commented on upcoming awards for Student Government.

“We will be doing nominations for senior male, senior female, faculty and staff,” said Valentine. “On Wednesday, we will vote on three or four in each category.”

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