Student Government discusses large allocations for two student clubs



Student Government met Feb. 24 to discuss eight spring bills, including large allocations for Franciscan University clubs I.D.E.A.S. and Young Americans for Freedom.

Spring bill #22, sponsored by Sen. Daniel Kim, allocated $1,500 to Franciscan University’s chapter of I.D.E.A.S. for a trip to the United Nations taking place March 4-14. The students will be attending the Statistical Commission of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The Student Government body readily agreed to allocate the money after hearing how hard the club had worked, and the bill was amended to add an allocation of $450.

Spring bill #20 reallocated funds to Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) for a speaker event taking place in March or April. The total amount came to $1,000. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Stephen Shaw.

Spring bill #18 allocated $775 from the YAF February/March event to April 11. This bill was also sponsored by Shaw. YAF was also reallocated $700 by spring bill #16 from March 3.

Commenting on bill #16, Sen. Sarah Sperduto said, “It shouldn’t be a problem since this is a reallocation.”

There was much debate over spring bill #17, an allocation to YAF for its second debate watch party. The $350 was for food from local businesses.

“YAF is great, but the finance committee had to make cuts,” said Sen. Conall Hughes. “We don’t have the money to cover the debate watch parties.”

Shaw said, “The reason why cuts were made is because we realize how low the contingency fund is. … But all unused funds are returned to the contingency fund.”

Sen. Daniel Smith, who represented YAF at the meeting, was in favor of a reallocation of the April funds to the February debate watch party. A vote was taken, and the bill was approved.

Other bills included spring bill #19 that allocated $59 for YAF to rent a 12-passenger van for the presidential primary polls on March 15. This bill was sponsored by Shaw.

Spring bill #21, sponsored by Shaw, reallocated funds from January’s budget for a refund for The Annunciations’ president, Liz Costello. The total was $49.35.

Spring bill #15, sponsored by Sperduto, allocated $90 to the Counseling Association for March 3. The breakdown of costs was $9 per pizza.

The final bill, spring bill #14, allocated $50 to the Nurse2Nurse program for ice cream and toppings. The bill read $69, but the club will cover the extra $19. Sen. Annemarie Krall was the sponsoring senator.

Prior to the adjournment of the meeting, David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life, commended Student Government’s work.

“I’d like to congratulate the senate on working through difficult questions,” said Schmiesing.

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