Student Government discusses multiple club bills, proposed changes to bylaws



Franciscan University’s Student Government met Oct 28 to discuss 10 bills dealing with Young Americans for Freedom’s (YAF) debate watch party, the triathlon club, Nurse2Nurse and Students for Life as well as proposed changes to Student Government bylaws.

YAF presented a bill requesting that $1,000 be reallocated from its “Defending Life & Marriage” event to “The Future of Marriage & Religious Liberty” lecture with Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., instead. The funds would be used to cover his honorarium, transportation and hotel costs. Fall Senate Bill #52, sponsored by Sen. Samantha Martinez, was passed.

YAF also requested a reallocation of $300 from debate watch parties #3, #4 and #5 as well as a new allocation of $200 for the November Presidential Debate Watch Party. The Franciscan YAF Fall Kickoff + GOP Presidential Debate Watch Party in September was very well attended. Fall Senate Bill #53, sponsored by Martinez, was passed.

Nurse2Nurse requested that $250 be allocated for a speaker honorarium for the event, “A Nursing Student’s Guide to Maneuvering the Healthcare Field” by Dr. Renee Thompson. This event is being organized as a senior capstone project for the Center for Leadership. Fall Senate Bill #51, also sponsored by Martinez, was passed.

Students for Life requested that $200 be reallocated to cater the “Do Not Delete” conference. The club had already budgeted the money for catering through Sodexo. Since Sodexo no longer provides food service on campus, the funds need to be reallocated for catering through Parkhurst. Fall Senate Bill #50, sponsored by Sen. Andrea Moury, was passed.

Students for Life also requested the allocation of an additional $250 to cater the “Do Not Delete” conference, to account for the price discrepancy between Sodexo and Parkhurst. Fall Senate Bill #48, also sponsored by Moury, was passed.

In addition, Students for Life requested the reallocation of $500 from funding Abby Johnson’s airfare and hotel to paying for five speakers for the “Do Not Delete” conference. The funds were not used because Johnson did not come to speak on campus. Instead, she spoke at the diocesan pro-life conference, which was attended by many students. Fall Senate Bill #49, sponsored by Moury, was passed.

The FUS Triathlon club requested the allocation of $200 for 10 swimming passes for a training session at the Big Red pool. This is the first event held by the triathlon club this semester. It was not budgeted funds for the fall semester. Fall Senate Bill #47, sponsored by Sen. Stephen Shaw, was passed.

The Franciscan University Revelations requested that $40 be reallocated from the original allocation of $49.50 for sheet music, recognizing that the costs and availability of some music had changed. The remaining $9.50 will return to the contingency fund. Fall Senate Bill #55, sponsored by Sen. Zacchaeus Lock, was passed.

Another bill sponsored by Lock moved to amend I.C.1.b of the Student Government bylaws. As it currently stands, the secretary serves as the official scribe of minutes for formal Student Government meetings.

The proposed change would include transcribing the minutes of informal meetings as well, recognizing that taking minutes from both the informal and the formal meetings will increase transparency and provide a better written record of Student Government proceedings. This would also speed up the formal meetings as it would be unnecessary to rehash the debate of the informal meeting in order for it to enter official record.

After much debate, Fall Senate Bill #46 was struck down, as the majority of the Senate agreed that the amount of addition work this would create for Secretary Victoria Schimmer was unnecessary and somewhat redundant.

Another bill moved to amend III.B.5.b of the bylaws to enable Student Government to discuss a bill at formal meetings even when the sponsoring senator is not present as clubs and other groups should not be automatically penalized for the failure of a senator to attend a meeting. Fall Senate Bill #54, sponsored by Chief Justice Thomas Valentine, was passed.

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