Student Government discusses possible extension of Finnegan Fieldhouse hours, passes bills for student clubs



Franciscan University Student Government met March 2 to recognize a new executive assistant and to discuss student club bills as well as a resolution for extending the hours of Finnegan Fieldhouse.

Most prominently, a resolution was made by Sen. Ben Idzik to change the hours of the Finnegan Fieldhouse, recognizing that the current times are slightly inconvenient and that gyms at rival universities have extended hours.

Sen. Harrison Rapp and Sen. Daniel Smith both agreed that the resolution could be beneficial.

Senator Sarah Sperduto said that “passing this now isn’t detrimental and advising the fieldhouse to extend their hours doesn’t mean it’ll happen, but it may get the ball rolling.”

The resolution was temporarily tabled.

Spring bill #23 recognized Elizabeth Feudo, junior communication arts major, as executive assistant, with a 3­0 vote and no amendments.

“I think she would make a great addition to replace executive assistant Collins,” said Rapp.

President Ben Stroka sponsored this bill.

Spring bill #24, sponsored by Sen. Andrea Moury, allocated $500 to the Outdoors Club for its ski trips. The breakdown of costs is to cover the cost for lift tickets.

Spring bill #25 was a $365 allocation to Students for Life for its regional conference. The breakdown of costs is $200 for van rental, $60 for gas and $105 for registration. The event will take place April 2, 2016. The sponsoring senator was Stephen Shaw.

Students for Life was also the focus of spring bill #26. The bill was amended to read reimbursement instead of allocation for an interactive movie night in February. Molly Babcock was reimbursed $50 for expenses incurred for the movie night. Shaw, the sponsoring senator, read the clause and the bill was passed.

Spring bill #27 was also amended. The original proposed text read $325 be allocated to ROTC for its battalion ball, but was changed to $390, $30 per cadet. The date of the ball is April 23.

Spring bill #28 reallocated $200 to Young Americans for Freedom for a car rental and gas for the debate watch party to take place in March or April.

Spring bill #29, a $0 allocation to the Anscombe Society, was struck down by the finance committee when it was $150. This discussion incurred much debate among the Student Government.

The society member present, Alexander Anderson, said, “we thought this would be appropriate because the event has been pretty popular. It’s generated a lot of discussion in the past.”

Sen. Bateo, who sponsored the event, thought the speaker merited the initial $150.

“We shouldn’t be allocating money because they think they deserve more,” said Sen. Daniel Smith.

The final decision was to keep the bill reading $0. Anscombe Society was not allocated any money.

The final bill, #30, reallocated $100 for food from Wheaton College visitors. The $100 was for the insurance on rental cars. The sponsoring senator was Daniel Kim, and the bill was passed.

Spring bill #22, which was not covered in the meeting, was overridden with nine nays. This bill was for Franciscan University’s chapter of I.D.E.A.S. with the amount of $440.

David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life and adviser to Student Government, concluded the meeting by wishing everyone a “blessed and safe spring break.”

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