Student Government discusses proposal to move tabernacle, passes amendments to bylaws


Franciscan University Student Government met Oct. 14 and voted on five bills, including a proposal to advise Christ the King Chapel to relocate the tabernacle.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Zacchaeus Lock proposed the relocation of the tabernacle in Christ the King Chapel from the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel to the main chapel sanctuary.  The bill recognized that as it currently stands, worshippers in the main chapel do not have direct access to our Lord’s Eucharistic presence.

David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life, stepped in to advise the Student Government to table this bill until further research and investigation can be done into the logistics of relocating the tabernacle.

The idea was presented to the Rev. Shawn Roberson, TOR, Christ the King’s chaplain, who would make the final decision to move the tabernacle.  Roberson would like the opportunity to address the senate before votes are cast.

Sen. Sarah Sperduto, Sen. Samantha Martinez and Sen. Daniel Smith agreed that tabling the bill, with the intention of eventually voting, in order to investigate and discuss the matter was in everyone’s best interests. Fall Senate Bill #32 was tabled.

The Baronettes dance team requested that $150 be allocated for 15 uniform tops, at $10 each. They welcomed an additional 10 new members to the team this year. The Baronettes were allocated $500 at the beginning of the semester, but after purchasing pants and shoes for all 15 dancers there was not enough money left over to buy the dance tops.  The team has not had official uniforms made in three years, due to a deficiency of funds.

Sperduto mentioned that the dance team had planned on fundraising, but it needs its uniforms sooner than expected because the date of Midnight Madness has been moved up. Midnight Madness is an event that occurs in the Finnegan Fieldhouse launching the Baron basketball season for both the men’s and women’s teams.

Martinez and Sen. Stephen Shaw agreed that given the expensive nature of dancing and the fact that the Student Government contingency fund is running low and Student Government still has other club efforts to fund, each dancer paying $10 out of pocket for the dance tops is not unreasonable.

In the end, the senate voted to amend Fall Senate Bill #33 not to allocate any additional funds before passing it. Martinez suggested that the Baronettes could reimburse the dancers after fundraising, if they so choose.

Another bill sponsored by Sperduto moved to allocate $150 to Patrick Hanus for designing the Midnight Madness flyer and shirts.  Fall Senate Bill #34 was tabled indefinitely due to a misunderstanding.  Money had already been allocated for the designs in the Midnight Madness contract.

Two bills sponsored by Martinez moved to amend the Student Government bylaws. The first bill moved to amend Article III: A so that only senators may sponsor and present bills to the senate, except for the following types of legislation: special legislation defined under III.A.3 which may be sponsored and presented to the senate by the president as well as proposed amendments to the bylaws, which may be sponsored and presented to the senate by justices.

The second bill sponsored by Martinez moved to amend Section IX.B, so that both senators and justices may introduce/sponsor amendment bills, but only senators may vote on final passage.

This amendment was intended to be a companion to the previous bill’s amendment and would enable justices to work more closely with the senate to rectify any inconsistencies.

Martinez voiced her support for this bill, noting that it allows the justices to take on their roles in a more concrete way while keeping the checks in balance.
Lock and Smith agreed that while they have unwavering confidence in the justices to carry out their duties in an honorable fashion, this amendment may distort the responsibilities of the different branches.  Fall Senate Bills #35 and #36 were passed.

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